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I keep a number of lectures on topics that I am passionate about. You can see them on this page.

I have been holding lectures for many years and certainly for many thousands of people over time.


I support the training of our children, which is why schools have special conditions.

Contact me, it's easiest.

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T. + 45 23 96 10 30

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Children, adolescents and monitors

Did you know that computer games and apps are designed the same way you make people addicted to drugs? These are three factors used. How many hours does a 2-4 year old look on a screen every day? How many adults have been given no no to watching television in their own upbringing? That and many other issues, research and issues – that speak both for and against children and young people having a screen and everything that the devices can, you can hear about in this day.

The lecture is targeted at teachers and/or parents.

Renaissance Soul

Do you have a job or a career? Why are most trade magazines filled with successful people who are competent and happy. About 40 hit most career wall. Are you going to be a manager or a specialist? Are you going up or staying? Where are you going when no one wants to ask what you want to be?

Not everyone is fit to have only one job and create a career. We can and should rethink both careers, jobs and working life. The lecture starts historically and works its way to the present and why adult people today become stressed while they have everything they need, but feel threatened with their existence. Listeners get stories, experiences and simple methods to test and understand that how you can also have a working life that is in balance with one's mood.

Married adults

Surrounded by idiots

Storytelling in Business