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Conversations in development

Written in collaboration with Jesper H. Christiansen to give new angles to development interviews and when they can take place.

The book is on 52 pages and is an introduction to, among others. The C2 model, as well as a coaching approach that focuses on movement toward a goal-most often called solution-focused coaching.

When I wrote it together with Jesper, it was conceived as a first edition, but our ways were parted, as Jesper would like to focus on coaching, and I wanted to lift the subject for the development of people in organizations more generally.

The book is available free of charge here


Today's thought is…

The book is published in 2018 and can be purchased in print via

I collected a year's post with today's thought, which I started with a December month in 2017 where I was tired of social media and especially my own lack of understanding of LinkedIn. You can read this in the book's foreword. There's plenty to take off-it's a kind of calendar facing-book for businessmen and executives who lack slightly crooked angles to start the day on.

  About the book

The book is an excerpt from 100 of this year's Daily thoughts, which Mikael Elkan writes every day. Through many thoughts we revolve around a person who sets goals and reaches them. Who can see many perspectives on things that we may soon pass by. Mikael Elkan has a good mix of polite humor without sarcasm and cheap comments. He is attentive and professional. He sees the big picture in the little things that perspective and create thought. I probably wondered when he began; But now I would rather not have it stop! /Finn Svense


Buy it here-or press me by hand and buy it for 100,-Gerae aus